Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe

Welcome, dear guest, and God bless you!
I will be using this blog to create posts about things that I am thinking and working on, or which I find interesting or amusing at the moment.  These will almost certainly concern many of the following topics, with varying frequency and in no particular order: history, religion, Christianity, Catholicism, Star Trek, Star Wars, philosophy, Thomism, science fiction, ducks, G.K. Chesterton, "all the angels and saints," ecclesiastical history, theology, Classics, Starcraft, funny internet videos, songbirds, the Holy Scriptures, Latin, Ancient Greek, Amanda Mckittrick Ros, the Middle Ages, and poems about cheese.  I confess freely that I am very much an amateur at quite literally all of these topics, and thus write with no authority whatsoever, infallible or otherwise*.

The main purpose of this blog is to get me thinking and expressing my thoughts in a more coherent, simpler, and ultimately more effective manner, to allow me to synthesize, criticize, and summarize what I am learning and seeing, and to ultimately get me thinking more clearly and more correctly.  The secondary purpose of this blog, which is admittedly more of a long-shot, is to in some way engage with (admittedly hypothetical) readers and perhaps even amuse and/or inform them.  The reader should be warned that my posts may often be poorly thought out, poorly developed, unclear, incoherent, vague, foolish, or simply flat-out wrong.  I ask you to bear with me through this, as it is a necessary evil in the pursuit of what I am trying to accomplish with this blog.

This much about the blog itself.  Otherwise, for the purposes of familiarity, I will add that I am a male undergraduate currently enrolled in university in the Southern regions of the United States of America, a Classics Major, and also a Catholic Christian who takes his religion seriously.  I will almost certainly reveal more information about myself as time goes on, but this should be plenty to get things started.  

I also hate writing about myself.  It feels wrong, and makes me uncomfortable.  This blog is very much intentionally not a personal journal in which to discuss my life, its oddities and happenings, and my wonderful, wonderful personality.  Hopefully, now that this is over with, I can get on to more interesting and less disturbing the Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell.  How lovely!

I commit this blog to the patronage of the Most Holy Trinity, St. Thomas More, St. Thomas Aquinas, and the Blessed Mother of Sorrows, Mary Immaculately Conceived.  If you are the praying type, as St. Thomas More said frequently, "Pray for me, and I will pray for you."

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus
Dominus Deus Sabaoth.
Pleni sunt caeli et terra gloria tua.

Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum.
Benedicta tu in mulieribus, et benedictus fructus ventris tui, Iesus.
Sancta Maria, mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc et in hora mortis nostri.  Amen.

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